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These Terms and Conditions apply to the website associated with Peter’s Wine Shop. This website will be hereafter described as “Peter’s website”. By using Peter’s website, and ordering products through Peter’s website, you unreservedly agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions of Use.

When placing an order on Peter’s website you agree that all details provided are true and correct. As a condition of use of Peter’s website and associated webshop, you declare that you are over 18 years old. You also declare that you are in no way pursuant to any order or similar constraint which restricts your ability to purchase liquor products from Peter’s Wine Shop.

It is an offence to sell or obtain liquor on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years. Peter’s Wine Shop recognises the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). Peter’s Wine Shop is not liable to you for any loss arising from or in connection to any agreement you have with Peter’s Wine Shop. Peter’s Wine Shop does not exclude any rights you are entitled to under Australian Consumer Law.

Furthermore, Peter’s Wine Shop Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. These Terms and Conditions may also be amended, varied, cancelled or suspended. Our Terms and Conditions are displayed on Peter’s website and are subject to change without notice. Further usage of our website by you is full acceptance of new, amended, or varied Terms and Conditions. You also agree that you are in full acceptance of our Terms and Conditions including any changes. Where possible, Peter will provide advanced notice of any changes to our Terms and Conditions.

Peter’s Wine Shop does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of data and services of our website or other materials.

1. Personal Data

Peter Dietsch trading as Peter’s Wine Shop (ABN: 34 487 528 270) uses and retains your personal data when placing an order with Peter’s Wine Shop. Peter’s Wine Shop’s Privacy Policy documents how Peter’s Wine Shop receives, uses and releases your personal data, and also how you can access your data on file, and/or raise a complaint regarding the stewardship of your personal data. Delivery data including photographic proof of delivery is retained for reasonable purposes. These purposes include our compliance with liquor licensing requirements and laws requiring Peter’s Wine Shop to do so.

2. Delivery

As a condition of any order raised by you on Peter’s Wine Shop, you unreservedly agree to the following:

i) Peter’s Wine Shop can rely on the fact that persons at the delivery address are fully authorised for the purpose of receiving your order.

ii) The address supplied in your order may be used as the delivery address and that all delivery details are correct with any order lodged.

iii) You are over the age of 18, and any person at your address is authorised to receive your order.

iv) You agree that Peter’s Wine Shop or its delivery personnel may cancel delivery if at the time of delivery our delivery personnel determine in their estimation that delivery is not suitable for any reason. Such reason could include the suspicion that the recipient is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or the suspicion that the recipient is under the age of 18 years, or the suspicion that the recipient is acting on behalf of a person who is under the age of 18 years. Furthermore, your delivery may be cancelled if proof of identity or age is declined upon request of our delivery personnel.

v) Delivery will take place on the schedule of the delivery personnel. Peter’s Wine Shop will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable request from you with regard to the time we deliver your order.

vi) Should your delivery fail for any reason, your order will be returned to our place of business for coordination of subsequent delivery at your expense. We will contact you should delivery fail. Where a delivery fails due to circumstances which are out of our control, you agree to a refund of your order minus the delivery fee. Such circumstances would include incorrect or inadequate delivery details, including incorrect or inadequate address details. Should you fail to collect a collection product order you also agree to a full refund.

vi) Title of goods passes on dispatch of your order from our place of business to your nominated address/location, irrespective of whether the location was attended by any person, and you release Peter’s Wine Shop from any liability or damage which occurs in transit or on delivery.

3. Agency

You are not allowed and must not purchase any products from Peter’s Wine Shop for the purpose or later activity of reselling products purchased from Peter’s Wine Shop. Furthermore, Peter’s Wine Shop reserves the right to cancel your order if quantities suggest to us the potential intent to resell products. Peter’s Wine Shop personnel may contact you to determine this by way of the supplied order or file information in a reasonable period of time to receive further information regarding your order, and reserve the right to cancel your order in their sole and reasonable judgement.

4. Cancelled Order

We reserve the right to cancel an order in whole or in part. This also includes ‘click and collect’ or ‘phone and collect’ orders. Peter’s Wine Shop personnel will effect such cancellation within a reasonable period of time. The potential reasons for part or full order cancellation include:
Part or all of the ordered productions are not available
There was incorrect production information
The advertised price was not correct
Your order contravenes any of our policies, local or federal law, or contravenes another person’s rights.
Any contravention of Peter’s Terms and Conditions including those set out in the section of these Terms and Conditions ‘2. Delivery’.

You unreservedly agree that you are unable to change your order in any way once you have lodged an order with Peter’s Wine Shop through our official order channels. In the circumstances that we amend or cancel your order in agreement with you via phone, email or web chat, and which we explicitly agree to, you agree to a reasonable restocking fee that we will deduct from your refund if we accept the amended order or cancellation. Amending or cancelling an order may or may not be possible as the order may be potentially on its way to you. Where possible we will reasonably assist whereby the goods are in original unopened condition, and in our determination, this is the case. 

5. Refunds/Returns

In the instance that Peter’s Wine Shop has cancelled your order or accepted your request to cancel your order a refund will be made via electronic transfer or refund, minus any Delivery or handling costs that we will reasonably apply. Should a product or service supplied by Peter’s Wine Shop be defective, Peter’s Wine Shop will take reasonable action to rectify the defective product or service, including a partial or full refund. 

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